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The Last Book in the Coffee Book Series

Well, it's finally here. Pub day for The Social Hour will be here on Monday, August 10th. It's the last book in the series, and it's a bittersweet goodbye for me. It still blows my mind that I started this journey back in November, not knowing if anyone would read Coffee Girl or even like it. Here I am ten months later wrapping up a three book series. I consider myself incredibly lucky that my books have made people laugh during such a difficult time right now. Thank you to everyone who has read and loved The Coffee Book series.

I adored writing these characters and their stories. I will miss their banter and their quirky behaviors, especially TJ. It was so fun getting into his head space. :) Early reviewers have called this last book the perfect ending to the series, and I hope you feel the same when you get a chance to read it. Although I'm ending with The Social Hour, I'm not closing the door completely. I've got other projects in the works that I've wanted to start, so instead of saying goodbye to these characters which sounds so final, we'll just say, see you soon.

P.S. don't forget your skittles.

XO Sophie Sinclair

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