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Love Notes

Last year I was asked by Lisa Maurer at True Story Book Blog to write a love note for Valentine's Day from my book characters. I chose Tatum and Kiki. This year she asked me again, and without hesitation, I just knew who I wanted to write about. It's been in the back of mind for awhile, percolating. I'm currently working on another book, but TJ keeps speaking to me. Do you know how hard it is to be writing and to have a different character from a different series have conversations in your head? ;) Here it is.


Your eyes sparkle like pools of midnight in a summer storm.

Cheese and Louise, that doesn’t make sense! Your eyes are aqua blue like the sea, not midnight blue.

Your sea blue eyes take me under like a wave drowning me at sea…well, that’s shizzle rizzle depressing. I don’t want you to kill me with your eyes. Ugh, Nana Rose said this would be a piece of cake, but how can I even begin to write all the ways I love you?

Roses are red, violets are blue, I am gay and so are you.

Walrus willies, this is totes hard.

Okay, deep breath TJ, you can do this! You can tell the love of your life how you feel. If Nana Rose can jazzercise at the retirement community like Jane Fonda on a case of Red Bull, surely I can write a love letter…ugh, I’m getting off track and Kiki keeps walking by flicking my ear. I can’t wait to put hot red pepper flakes in her coffee.

Here goes, writing straight from the heart. Ahm…Centering my Zen like the Karate Kid.

Dear Connor,

I love you.

I’ve loved you since the moment I stepped into your bar and you cracked that sexy signature smile of yours in my direction and winked at me. I was wearing that ridiculously sparkling green outfit, singing, ‘Baby Got Back’ with those two crazeballs we call our sisters from another mister. I took one look and just knew.

I knew I loved you the moment you told me you were gay but weren’t exactly out to the world, but you wanted to be if it meant we could be together. I loved you the moment you thought my dictionary of made-up words was awesome. I love that you accept me for me.

I love you because you are the serious one, and you don’t mind me being the silly one. I love that you love my collection of man skittles and made a special place in the closet for them. I love that you want to adopt with me and that we are going to be amazing dads to some lucky kid someday.

I love you mo rogha, my chosen one. And there’s no one that can take that away from me. My heart pumps with everything that you are…an everlasting love, Mo mhuirnín dílis, my one true love.

Happy Valentine’s Day my sexy Irishman,

Yours forever, TJ.

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