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Catching up!

Wow, where did this summer go? I feel like June ended in a snap. I went on vacation for the first time in a year to the mountains. There were 18 of us ( 8 adults, ten kids) and it was crazy but so much fun. I thought I would miss going to the beach, but the mountains have a quiet beauty about them that brings so much peace. It was definitely what I needed to recharge after such a rough year.

I also released the second book in the Love series, Patrick Loves Love. It's available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle, and Paperback. Very exciting to have Patrick's love story out in the world. I finished another book that I'm keeping under wraps for now and am currently working on JD's book, title yet to be named. It's the third book in the Love series.

Here's a quick snippet of Patrick Loves Love.

“Kelsey, wait.” I try to shut the door in his face, but he stops it with his quick reflexes. He leans into the doorframe. “What gives?”

“What do you mean?” I ask innocently. Ugh, I wish he’d stop staring at me so intensely. It’s making my knees turn to jelly.

“I mean, are we going to talk about what happened between us?”

Good God, no. “I don’t think there’s much to say…”

“I disagree.” His voice is smoky and deep. He leans into my personal space, and he smells of ocean and green grass. “There’s a lot to say.”

The sound of his voice and his smell evoke a disturbingly erotic memory that I haven’t been able to erase from my brain for the past six months. I sway toward him and then shake my head. I can’t sleep with Patrick again, drunken mistake or not. He’s Lindsey’s best friend. He works for my brother and Lindsey. If things went sour between us…well, it would end up exactly like this. Every family gathering, I’d have to sweat it out, not knowing if he’d show up or not. Awkward moments shared across the dinner table. Good god, if my sisters ever found out about this, I’d never live it down. No, thank you.

“Patrick, look…you’re a really sweet guy.”

“Cut the crap, Kelsey. Don’t give me some lame it’s not you, it’s me speech.”

“Wow, okay then. It’s you, not me.”

He rears his head back, and I take the opportunity to slam the door shut, almost taking off his hand.

“Can I please pee alone now?” I gripe obnoxiously. I check myself out in the mirror and take in my flushed cheeks and wide eyes. Maybe I was a little too harsh. Guilt washes over me as I swing the door back open. “Patrick, look, I’m sorry…”

I sigh at the empty hallway and bang my head on the doorjamb. Regret needles my heart like a thousand tiny pinpricks. It’s for the best, I tell myself as I head toward the kitchen where I can get lost in the chaos of my sisters.

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