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How is October almost over?

I swear I blinked and October is halfway over. I feel like summer dragged on forever and fall will be over before we know it. I can't even tell you what happened in September. So what's been going on in October? Lot's of exciting stuff. I gave my approval on the audiobook for Coffee Girl that should be coming out soon. My friend Rachel Dana mentioned Coffee Girl in a pumpkin pairing article. (You can find the link under press) I finished another project I've been working on, and I've decided to bump up the release date for Lindsey Love Loves.

Why did I bump up the date? Well, I was worried about the election and I had several people tell me November 4th could be an extremely difficult day. Then I opened up an article on CNN declaring November 4th as the worst day to come in history. I think that was my sign.

So, Lindsey Love Loves will release on October 28th and will be available on Amazon Kindle, KU and paperback. I hope you love it as much as I do. I purposefully made it different from the Coffee Book series so that there would be a clear separation between the two series. I'm so excited to bring you the next two books in the series out next year. Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the month! xo Sophie

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